Lessons I Learned from CASHFLOW 101 game

I was absolutely thrilled when I played CASHFLOW 101 – ‘again’

YES! This was my 2nd time to play this game. The first experience was about 2 years ago and I had never escaped the Rat Race. – Bummer!

So before I played the game, I set a goal that this time I ‘must’ escape the Rat Race.

And true enough – I did! Yay for me! 🙂

Out the Rat Race! Yay!

Out the Rat Race! Yay!


This is the First Lesson I want to share that I’ve learned in this game.

Setting your objective/goals – or I should say –

“Mind-setting your objectives and goals in life does matter!”


In one of my online classes in Brigham Young University – we have been taught to create our Life Plan.. and the First step is to set our “Entrepreneurial STAR”, or in other terms – our ultimate GOAL as an Entrepreneur.

A portion from our lesson material states:

It’s been said that “Life is a Journey, not a Destination” but this doesn’t mean that Life should be an aimless journey.

If we want to get ahead in life – goalsetting is one of the key factor.

I remembered, we have been taught multiple times to visualize ourselves 5 years, 10 years or even 20 years from now.

But sometimes we miss to evaluate our present condition today.. that if we look back 5 years, 10 years or even 20 years ago – We should ask ourselves “Is the life I have now, the life I envisioned X years ago?”

Our goal-setting will be more meaningful if we would ponder and include this question.


Going back on the game, I remembered I was downsized once! Good thing – I have already acquired some Assets and Passive income.

So while I was losing my turn, I was gaining money (cash on hand).

And it’s because of my shares in the stock market and my properties.

Then, when the ‘downsize curse’ was lifted from me, I started making BIG Deals! – yeah BIG time.

Lesson Learned: “Sometimes Stepping Backward is Important so you can Launch Forward!”


Intense Game! :)

Intense Game! 🙂


The last thing I want to share is that I mentioned I did escape the Rat Race.

However, I was not the first one.  What surprised me was that I was the first one to land on my dream and bought it! That made me a WINNER! Yay!

The realization I had – “It’s not about having lots of money that makes you a WINNER, but having the things that TRULY matters the most!”



It’s not about escaping the Rat Race – although it’s part of your achievement or part of the journey (we needed this).

But what really makes you a winner is to fulfill your Deepest WHY.

My deepest WHY is my Family! My wife and my daughter. I am truly grateful for having them.

They are one of the greatest reason WHY I continue to strive, if not the BEST, to become better.

CASHFLOW with my Family and Friends

CASHFLOW with my Family and Friends


These 3 lessons are just portion of the many things I learned from this game, from my friends (co-players), and from my family.

I’m excited to play again next month for another adventure in financial education. Hoping and Praying that Me (my family) and my friends (co-players) would really escape the real-Life Rat Race and be able to achieve our Ultimate Goals (Dream Cheese) in Life.


Keep Moving Forward,
Nath “funchum” Reyes


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  • It was awesome playing with you, Nath! You know what? Your success in the game is what I already see in you every day. Keep moving forward!

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