The Key to your Success is Education.

One of my favorite author, Mark Twain, quoted:

I never let school interfere with my education

and how I love to share this quote. Its because common misconception among us is that we can only gain education in school. Or others may see that in order to gain education, going to school comes to mind.

We must understand that schools play a big role in our education but it is not the main thing. Sometimes we can educate ourselves outside of school. And most of the time, the application of our learning can be acquired beyond school.

A motivational speaker once said that there are 3 kinds of education as far as Success in our Career is concerned. They are:

1. Academic Education

2. Professional Education

3. Financial Education

Academic Education is the very important among the three, because this is the very foundation of our learning. This is where we learn to read, to write and to do basic arithmetic. This is what the school indicate as the Elementary up to Secondary years.


Professional Education is the stage where we learn to specialize in a certain field of expertise. Most common example of this is Engineering, Accountancy, Dentristry, Multimedia Specialist etc. Schools indicate this as the College years.


Financial Education is the most unique among the three. Why? Because it is not taught in schools! This can only be learned by knowing How money works and how can we make it work for us and not us working for money. This education is the key if we want to succeed financially in life.


Ofcourse, we shouldn’t disregard the other types of education like Physical education, Social Education, Spiritual education, etc.

Life is a continuous learning as they say. And as for me, this coming march 5 and 6, I’ll be attending another Wealth Summit of the Truly Rich Club, where we can be taught once again by successful Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Investors, Real Estate developers, Online Marketers, Celebrities and more.

Let me end this article with another quote.

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use

to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela

Have a Stress-free day everybody.

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