How to do Facebook Live in groups

Videos are being posted frequently in Facebook now, and maybe you have noticed it on your facebook wall. And I believe that most of it comes from your friends’ Facebook Live!!

Yes, Facebook Live is becoming a thing now in the social media..  It is catching up on Periscope and Meerkat (live streaming apps) 🙂 And what more.. Youtube just announced that they too will soon release their mobile Live Streaming.. Isn’t it cool.

*Although Youtube has been on the Live streaming platform for years.

All of us wants to know the whereabouts and updates of our friends. We want to know where they spent their vacation, what they are doin’ right now, Are they on the mall?? Are they on a Lakwatcha (hang-out)?? or just at home –sleeping.

On the other hand, we too also want to show out friends our whereabouts and activities that are happening on our lives! We want to connect. That is why Facebook is of great help to us in connecting with our family, loved ones and friends.

A good friend of mine who have watched my Facebook Live Videos ask me a BIG question, and I thought that most of you may have that same question…

“How to do Facebook Live in Groups (FB groups)??”

And to answer that question, I made a simple step-by-step tutorial on how you can actually do it! So get ready to increase your confidence and start those FB live streaming. 🙂


How to do FB Live in Groups by kingfunchum on Scribd

So there you go Creative Peeps – Go ahead and enjoy doing your FB Live. Do it and let your friends know your current activity, or promote your Virtual Professional skills, or promote your own product, service or your business.

Have FUN creative peeps and remember: Get Creative!

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