How to start your own podcast show – 5 tips from the Joy and Ann Show!


Are you a person who always wanted to have your own online show?? An audio podcast maybe??

Well, my friends (who are also working-from-home like me) started their own online show in a simple audio podcast. They are Joy Collado and Ann Peñaredondo and guess what?? They’re the stars of the Joy and Ann Show!! Cool, right?

Now, how did they start??

It all started with a common interest! Both are a big fan of Aldub nation (Alden and YayaDub’s kalyeserye love-team) which became a great hit here in the Philippines. They just talked about the things they love in that show and their tandem blossomed. 🙂 After a few months or so, they are now talking about the benefits of working from home.

And to help those who are also interested in starting their own online show (be it an Audio Podcast, Youtube Vlogs, Video Editing, Online Business etc.),

Joy and Ann gave 5 wonderful and useful tips.


1. Know your Avatar

We may refer Avatar as our target audience. Whenever you’re giving your message out in the internet, you must think of one person only instead of a group to whom you are directing your message to. This person is your Avatar, and all the people with similar likes, dislikes, needs, frustrations etc. can relate to your message.

Remember: Always answer the question, who are you talking to??


2. Just Start!

Another version of this is Just Do It!

I always ask my Video Editing students to just start doing their edits to hone their skills as a Video Editor, and they must start with simple edit like making a Video Slideshow Presentation of their vacations, travel, family pictures, etc.

One of the conversation I had with Joy is that we agreed on a powerful quote by Mark Zuckerberg with regards to taking action.

“Done is better than perfect”


3. Stay true to your topic, stay true to your avatar

Before you start your online show, you must first have a topic.

What should be a topic??

It must either be something that you like and passionate about (e.g. Video Editing stuff, Technology, make-ups, Arts, Celebrities, movies etc.). You will have a lot of things to say about that topic, its because you love it — its your passion.

Another thing to consider in choosing a topic is a ‘problem’ (or frustration) that you want to be a part in solving it.


4. Find someone who would do it with you

It is always easier if you have a partner or a companion to achieve your goals, because you will help each other and push each other to your limits. Someone will encourage and motivate you. The saying: “Two heads are better than one” is still an effective tip or advice.

Being involved in a team or community is also a good move. There is always power in groups or team, you can lift each other up! 🙂


5. Apply what you learn

Tips 1-4 will all be useless if you won’t apply what you’ve learned. Learning is a continuous process, and so is Application of your learnings.

Another wonderful quote that I remember from one of my mentor:

“Education without Execution is Extinction; Success is all about Everyday Execution!”

So the main point here is to Apply, apply, apply!


That’s it Creative Peeps.

5 Awesome tips to help us start our own online show. Remember those 5 tips and you’ll be able to kickstart your online show in no time!

Creative Peeps, I’ll be happy to see you start your online show. Keep me updated, ok.

remember: Get Creative!

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