How important it is to have your Online Video Portfolio

April 7, 2016 became a special date for my Creative Peeps’ Exclusive Group because we held our very first online meetUp. A lot things had been discussed and I see their eagerness to do Video Editing by the way they asked me their genuine questions.


Questions like: ‘What camera do you use when shooting outdoors?’

or ‘How to insert multiple text in a layer?’ –and a lot more!


The highlight of the meeting is that I ask the Exclusive Group to create their Online Video Portfolio! –Why??

It’s because this is the key if you want to be known as a Video Editor. Learning the skill is one thing– and establishing an Online presence is another! And one way to have an Online presence is through that Online Video Portfolio.


Now, I keep saying Online Video Portfolio –but what is that??

And for those who really do not know what that is — it is a collection of (if not all) your best Video Edits, your finished products, your superb outputs. πŸ™‚ This is to SHOWΒ to your target market what you really can do! How magnificent or spectacular you are when it comes to editing Videos.


The next question is — How can I have an online Video Portfolio?? or Where can I put all my Video Edits??

Simple Answer: Youtube! πŸ™‚ Use Youtube to store all your master piece, your best of the best, etc. and create a playlist for it. (recommended really if your Youtube Channel consist all of your Videos and just want to share only the best)

Copy the link to your channel, or to your playlist and you will then promote this link to your target market! (or to social media) So you can create an online presence. πŸ™‚


So Creative Peeps, that’s the power of having an online Video portfolio.

Create now and attract those potential clients, those corporates, those viewers or whomever your target market is! πŸ™‚

Creative Peeps, I’d be happy to see those online Video portfolio rolling. πŸ˜‰

remember: Get Creative!!



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